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Item Model/Manufacturer:Precision Extractions
Price/MSRP: $15,000
Current location of item:Detroit
Pick up Only
Comes with chiller,heater, cmep pump, all original columns

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How to post?

For some reason I cant find out how to post equipment.

Did you ever figure out how to sell equipment? I have yet to figure out how to sell stuff.


Hello, I have some grow equipment that I do not need anymore. Here is the following list of equipment.
2x 6” tube lights
5 x 1000 watt switchable digital ballasts
6 X 1000 watt switchable magnetic ballasts
2 X 1000 watt Super Blues Halides
7 X 1000 watt hortilux HPS
1 X 8” vortex fan
2 X 10” vortex fans
1 X 12” vortex fan
1 X 12” can fan
1 X 8” can filter
1 x 5x10 tent.
1 X Sentinel 10 burner Co2 burner
1 x Co2 gas valve

All equipment is for sale and is located in Maine, will ship if necessary.
Asking $9500 or best offer. The price is Negotiable if everything is taken at once.

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