About the Botany and Cultivation category

Cannabis has been cultivated across the world for thousands of years. The plant is notoriously versatile and can be used for everything for manufacturing and medicinal applications alike. In the modern cannabis space, cultivation isn’t merely a matter of production. The growth of cannabis plants incorporates cutting-edge technology, revolutionary methods and innovative techniques to produce greater yields and higher levels of quality than ever before.

Here, you will find discussions about new cultivation methods, plant genetics, fertilization, and more.


Thanks for creating the category! I am a long time cultivator, going on 13 years or so, before the legal days. I have a science background and I currently using various methods in cultivation that go beyond the conventional, hydro, and organic paradigm. I am using tissue, sap, and soil analysis data to create refined nutrient programs for clients, focusing first and foremost on healthy plants with healthy defenses, and secondly on (preferably) more refined but economic and sustainable inputs. I don’t do pesticides, organic or otherwise, preventative or whatever. IPM to me is all about prevention, not having a continuous cycle of preventative crude sprays made up of random biology or essential oil sprays. I have always asked the “why” and “how” of fertilization and growing, where I think the majority of the industry is only interested in the “how much?” questions, such as how much am I going to yield, or how much am I going to make. Happy to be part of this advanced group and partake in your discussions.