A post where terpenes company post sales,deals,clearance,updates etc

Instead of clients browsing or potentially losing sales let’s make a post for this please.
Thank you

Please add top selling terpenes so people know.

That would probably make it difficult to know current deals and might confuse who’s who. I believe thats why a company creates its own thread for each sale/product. It creates a clear picture of whats available, when, how much and if the price has been updated.


You’re not wrong but those threads are so trash. Just the same 3 reps bumping their threads to try and get sales but dodging consumer questions. Almost as bad as the cart sellers from China.

I don’t know about sales/promos but the consumer discussion threads on terpenes have been pretty productive. Just keep the sales reps out of it.

T-minus 48 hours until some dude named Rick comes in here posting his sales rep phone number and some other guy from sweeterps tries selling his terpeneless MCT based flavored “terpenes”.


Check out www.Terps4less.com
Anyone who has fire terpenes profiles and would like to be an approved vendor for the site, let me know. So far the vendors are: The award winning CannaRefined and Clear Nation brand. Pure an adulterated CDT terpenes. You can get the CDT Honey sticks and Aromatherapy Inhalers as a cheap way to try out the limited batch library before hand. They just had a 20% of cyber wknd sale on all terpenes. I was told that www.CannaRefined.com is doing a 15% all products with a special holiday future4200 coupon code: HOLIDAY4200

So you’re selling CO2 extracted hemp terpenes? Wait I also saw canna derived CO2 terps

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Need to see some proof this guy came out the blue never spoke once :joy::rofl:

It’s looks like they’re brokering terps. From the wording on the site.

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