A lot of leaking carts?

Is my viscosity too low for these ac1003 carts? They’ve been weeping fluid and leaking into the rubber stopper over the course of days. They vape and taste great but when sitting they leak some. Am I lowering viscosity too much?

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How many mm’s is the hole size? I used to have this problem all of the time. Solved it by just putting them in the styrofoam tray, flipping them upside down, and putting them in the fridge overnight. It’s definitely the ratio of viscosity of the oil vs the hole size of the cart that needs to be played around with from my experience.


had the same problem. like what @Hotsauce007 said after filling and capping i’d flip them upside down. had a lot of issues with those was a big headache, but after flipping it over havent had that issue.

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i dont know if it still this way but when i use to buy boxes of cartridges. Even on the box it says to fill and flip to allow air release from the cartridge


Exactly my team is convinced this was due to pressure needing to escape :+1:t5:


These are 1.2mm holes ac1003 and the 92a3 leaked like this as well. Storing them right side up was probably not smart either. I use 10% c8 and 7% terps to lower viscosity

Yea I started ordering my carts with the .9mm hole size

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100% have to flip and chill ald carts for at least 12 hrs. There are also fake ikrushers being used right now that break at the bottom and leak through the air intake holes

They have a “number - iKrusher” engraving instead of “ald - iKrusher” they could be a new model but I am pretty sure they are fake


Thx for the help guys I think I’ll fill and store with a different procedure