A Little Wiped Film Action for You Guys! Enjoy!


Dead link

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Hmmm… It worked for me and there are 36 views in the last five minutes. Try again and let me know if its still not working I’ll get a new link.

Yeah now it’s working for me. I don’t know what was up

You don’t have less vacuum from your glass free hanging as opposed to a jack stand?

I never seen anybody rotate glass like that before on high vacuum that’s why I’m curious.

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No, it has a great seal and a very strong vacuum I haven’t noticed any difference in vacuum depth without a stand.

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That’s interesting. If you don’t mind me asking. Where is your pressure sensor located on the WFE? What is your vacuum pressure? On the initial suction i always had slight issues without a stand. I ran a RFE chemtech kd5 with 6 upgrades. Also when i turned on my turbo pump i couldnt even budge the glass bc of the suction. You’re using a diffusion I’m assuming? bc I’m betting you’re rotating flasks from the the sweg ball valve on top while the system is running.

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He also had a TON of grease on that joint, just look at all the grease squeezing out the top. You can even see grease squeezed out the bottom into the flask, with oil running right over it.


Lmao good eye i just watched it again. I thought it was some new hybrid slippery glass that came out.

I was gonna say, looks like some greasy ass distillate. That’s why warm distillate is the best vacuum grease…


I don’t think that is a video I’d ever really be interested in sharing with the public. Maybe thats just me though.


You can see pieces of grease going into the flask

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I’m not the one running it, this video was sent to us by a satisfied client. I definitely think he went overboard with the grease and told him so.


Those comments below the video are priceless :joy:

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Ooh my God right? I was dying