A Foolish Lab Accident | Share Yours if you Wish

I did same but outdoors they go, I dont have a c1 d1. Hours later theyd still be chilled and offgassing. im kinda surprised a vac pump sparked though. Ive been lucky? butane stoichiometric air fuel ratio - Google Search my vac pump is only for post processing and not during the run. I have a spark free pump if doing active.

Our off-gas room had a full purge fan on at all times when the door was shut. The x-10 room was C1D1 but our vac pump was not lab rated for some reason. They upgraded it after the incident but it was an error on the company as well. I don’t necessarily trust companies to run things safely since they all try to bare bones shit just to pump out product which is why good techs are necessary.

How would a “good tech” know anything about equipment certification and hazardous areas. This is essentially a fast food worker you want to be an engineer?

Sound like the person running the lab was more irresponsible by having dangerous equipment in a spark free area

The equipment was outside the room. The door was not shut and the SOP was not followed. The company is certainly at fault for not having the proper equipment but a good tech would follow the SOP and would understand the dangers of the tubes of gassing once they were trained, which they were.

We agree here