a few equipment recs?

Hello fellow board members…

looking for recs for magnetic stirrers and rotovaps…

as far as the stirrers… are they all the same? I know I wanna get one with high rpm, right?
maybe this one

and roto I was thinking this one

any other brands I should look ?



check something like this out, it’s a pretty solid unit. How big of a beaker did you want to stir?
@CATScientific where you ats? They make a mean spinner thing!

I can certainly use a new one of these too. Man. My Chinese one sucks. It won’t get over 78c ever. Total POS.

Thanks for the link.

They were $1500 back in 2015. Still expensive as hell

It weighs and measures viscosity too. It could tell you when your shit was done decarbing…


Awesome… thanks…

That looks amazing, haha. I’m gonna push to get one of these things.

yeah, I thought it was German made when it came across my desk the first time. That mistake made it much harder to find the second time.

the concept that it could report the weight loss AND the viscosity change as you decarbed almost got one in the door @ $1500.

I certainly intend getting my hands on one…but for actual decarb, it’s too small for most of the labs I’m dealing with these days.

The CAT HD30 Hotplate with the R60D Overhead Stirrer may be more suitable for decarb.
Hotplate is 2000 watts 120V/230V. Weight limitation is 50 pounds.


nice two post lift!