A.C. Motor Vacuum Pump Mod

I purchased a 12CFM 2 Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump from eBay and is the cheapest one. I ended up buying another one. Anyways my old ones motor broke so my best friend when he was.living with me at the time found an ac motor and decided to try something and it worked a lot better than expected. It went from 0 to -30Hg in seconds. It’s a 1725RPM A.C Motor attached by a brass pipe. The only thing I would.need.to do.is.get a new motor and house the pipe. Other than that if anyone wants to give this a go.with theirs then I say go for it.
The motor was.in my basement and has.to.be from.the 80’s.

The cord ended up.shorting and burning out. It worked.though before it shorted and burned out


I like it!

I like it.

I don’t see a question.

or any need for support…
other than getting you an electrician for a room mate :rofl:


Necessity is the mother of invention!!

Looks super safe, be sure to wear baggy clothing and have long hair around it xD

In all seriousness, a guard of sorts for the shaft might be a good idea.


i plan on building a wooden casing around it or weld a guard around it, once I get the right motor… and learn to weld… lmao

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Update: Racing Vacuum Pumps from GZ Motorsports

The specs say they dont pull too deep a vacuum.

I think the application of those specialized pumps is too different from ours to be able to use it for anything but maybe a roughing pump before letting your actual vac pump bring you down to sufficient vac depth.

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Good to know :octopus: