>98% CBD Isolate starting at 4100

CBD Isolate starting at 4100 made in Washington State
Comes in Pelican Case

16405-i-080619-12.pdf (580.5 KB)

Email at: sales@oprima.net


I would hope isolate is greater than 98%…

The case is cute, how many did you have to order to make them finacially viable as packaging? genuinely curious


You guys rly get people to pay your incredibly high prices? I’d love to be getting anything close to these prices. Isolates 3500 right now for singles and small orders and downward the larger the order

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We figured an order that’s at least 3500 would deserve a 60-90 dollar case for our customers guys.


Hey who doesn’t love peliys!!

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Seen % isolate 10kg for $3000 and big volume under 3000

Your a fool if you go below 3k

No one is buying iso for 4100 bro case don’t matter

you still have isolate