86%+ crude

We finally started running biomass from last year.

Non winterized Crude coming in over 86%cannabinoids :eyes:


Really nice. What’s your process?


Very nice. You get a second test to verify?

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:clap::clap: Bravo

How’s your color? Still looking pretty dark at 86%?

This is literally the first run i did and the first test result i got. I was just excited and threw it up real time.

I’ll send in another test or 2 this week Ill keep you posted. They jumped sky high around here. We used to pay $25-35 per test now its $90

Wow just for potency ? Damn

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Testing has gotten insane. Out here in Los Angeles just potency ranges from $50-150. Full panel testing is $350+. Ridiculous.

Nice looking results op!

Same here in Oregon. Potency only will cost at least $50. Testing is outrageous (and often less than accurate), making in-house analytics more of a necessity than a suggestion.


300-350 for a full panel in Michigan, 50-60 for potency only. But the real problem is the 2-4 business week wait time for the results. Then they claim 3% margin of error. Real helpful if I’m allowed .3% thc.


You can mail into altitude consulting LLC in denver 30$ potency. Botanacor in denver $55



Steadfast was 25/ potency test 3 months ago.

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He was still giving u the homie price. It used to be 25 for a flower potency and 35 for a edible/oil. Now They do all the testing the same across the board for all types of products. They have been $45 since last year and now he doubled it to $90 but he guarantees a 7day turnaround. So im not stoked about it but at least were all moving forward

Ps the whole panel shebang is like $700+ now

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Did they do away with the testing for card holders only like before or is it open to all now.

For $700 you need to run that full panel and have the results in my in box by the time I get home from dropping off the sample…


Those prices cause safety problems. At $700 a lb, no one is testing small batches so the sampling rate per lb of product in the market goes down and the amount of unknown product consumed goes up. Hopefully testing prices turn to match market prices.


I may try and recommend running a testing spot at the lab I work at to my employer

Testing prices are ridiculous


Gobi Labs and Phytatech are similar to Botanacor on price but Gobi is the only one with PJLA accreditation.

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They still cant do recreational, only medical from patients or caregivers.

Well that’s a bunch of BS. Michigan is a rec legal state now. Where are rec ppl supposed to test at?

I didn’t renew my med card last oct. Time to grab an 8610 from sri

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