77000$ worth of equipment for 15k or best offer (let the bidding begin)

Nothing was used for more then 2 years. Some pieces were never used. I’ve been piecing it out but I’m over it and just want to move on. Here is a list of items but there is definitely more stuff in there I am not charging for. Make a decent proposal and I will probably accept.

2x Rainier v2 (open source steel cls). 7667

2x 60 lb solvent tanks 864

2x 100 lb jacketed solvent tanks w site glasses. 1600

Mvp 6 7700

Ai 5 l short path turn key 9900

Ai 5 l roto evap. 4290

Scroll pump. 3000

1x Polysci 15 liter chiller. 5471

Pen filler.

6x Buchner funnel 30

12 inch c1d1 mounted fan. 2998

3x 100 lb butane swaps. 300

100 lb solvent tanks full. 900

2x End caps w site glasses 225

2x crc. 1100

2x Trs 21. 907

Ai vac pump 7 cfm. 459

Ai vac pump 9 cfm. 790

2 xMagnetic stirrer. 150

2x Heat exchanger. 685

4x 6x36inch Columns jacketed 500

20x End caps. 120

2x nitrogen regulators. 105

Bogart overalls. 85

60 New 6 inch gaskets 420

2 12 inch fan tech fans. 700

12 gravitas first gen 250

Call me and get first dibs

Storage unit is in San jose ca.

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I just got back into the country. Still available

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I’ll take it

Ill take the Jacketed Vessels

Dm if u still got