710Shark Cart Filling Machine

Item: 710 Shark Cart Filling Macine

Location: Long Beach, CA

Price: $5000

We were originally going for a type 6 lab and pivoted to a type 7. We are not filling any carts and therefore do not need a cart filling machine.

We tested the thing out. Took a couple hours to dial it in, but once it ran it was quick. Only filled a few hundred carts. And that’s about all I know about the machine. It has been stored in a clean facility for the last few months and is practically brand new.

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I love that I can gouge myself with 100 super sharp needles on the shark instead of the single stab from most budget cart fillers.


Im interested in seeing it. Im also in Long beach.

thing is a hunk of junk if you are running viscous distillate. If you are cutting your oil, it might work. We didn’t try that… we have one that’s been collecting dust for years. can’t get anyone to buy it, and Shark will only offer a (very small) credit on their new machine if we return the old one lol. No money back.

I know they have made a lot of “improvements” since we got ours, but still, I haven’t ever heard anything good about that machine, ever.

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It is good for turning people off the the idea of automatic cart filling, that is for sure ><


People say this but it’s the best at filling generic carts as long as you meet certain criteria:
1000 per strain minimum batch run
Your carts are all the same size and never change
Your carts are generic and work on their machine
Your oil doesn’t test over 90% pre terps and you don’t care if you get it hot for a second…
Which is why @VapeJet is getting my money for something custom because most of my carts don’t meet that criteria.


Yeah we had the first model and it wouldn’t even get hot enough to get our distillate runny enough. So the needles would get all clogged up. I could definitely see it being more effective with less viscous oil, like you said.
But the whole idea of trying to make 100 needles hit such a tiny window, especially when there is irregularities in center post placement, is a huge design flaw in my opinion. If your center posts come out and your oil isn’t very viscous, I suppose I could see it working tho.

I’ve got a more recent model and haven’t had that problem but again I only use it for a very specific cart… it’s definitely not what they say it can do but 5 cappers and a machine operator can hit a couple thousand carts an hour… as long as you have enough trays. It’s kind of a niche machine that only thrives in specific conditions.
Wand style is the way to go as taking carts out of one tray to put in another is a completely wasted step.


Once I got the one I was using dialed it was pretty nice and didn’t take too much fucking with.

We were cutting the distillate with HT and it worked very well.

Still don’t know why those needles need to be that sharp. Thing looks like a midevil torture device.


lmao many a cuts and scrapes from those fucking needles :rofl:


shoot me your number or email.

Can always repurpose the un used ones as a meat tenderizer


how old is it?

Hi everybody! I’m new to this forum and I work for Convectium. I cannot deny that 18 months ago or so, we sold more machines than we could support in terms of training and service. Because of this, the 710Shark lost some fans. I can tell you wholeheartedly that the 710Shark has been greatly enhanced, our training materials and support have been enhanced and our engineers, all Orange County-based, are top notch. This is a different company now and I’d urge you to give us a second look. We now have the support of major MSOs and Canadian LPs and sales are at an all time high. Please check out Convectium’s website for some great videos of the 710Shark in action.

…and please reach out with questions, concerns or whatever. I’m here to help!



I saw someone using one to stop their car from rolling down a hill when parked :joy:


Ya there a waste of metal, and a horrible design.

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I thought you might try my filler.

Please post pictures!