710 Events at Xtractor Depot

Xtractor Depot is hosting two 710 events this year! One in LA on Friday, July 7th, and the second in OKC on July 8th!

If you are interested in setting up a dab bar, attending, or being a part of either event, sign up on Eventbrite, DM me or comment below!

710 Summer Sesh in Los Angeles

710 Fight Nite Sesh


Nice! You guys throw a good party!


Shit defiantly gonna have to pop in say what up
Been loving the scene here lately


Are you available to come? Would love to see you!

Let us know if you want to set up a dab bar and showcase your brand!

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I have a thing going in Oregon. I will do a dab for you at 7:10. We will never be able to top giant Connect Four.


Get a custom loose lay vinyl checker board flooring with 24×24 squares made and play human chess with costumes.