710 Captain & 710 shark cartridge filler

710 captain and 710 shark Cartridge Filling/ capping Machines.
Thanks for looking I am selling my 710 oil shark filling and 710 Captain Capping Machine along with 15,000 .5ml convectium brand cartridges For $23,000,Brand New together they cost $35,495. You can save over $16,495 if you buy from me. I have over $2000 in cartridge plates that also go with the sale of the machine. Only used for 4hrs
With this 710 oil Shark Filling Machine, you can fill and cap 100 cartridges (or other devices) in under a minute! Our 710Shark oil filling machine fills 100 cartridges in 30seconds and can handle even the least viscous of oils, enabling you to stop hand filling and increase cleanliness, lower labor costs, and increase your output by 60x! Pair your pre-racked cartridges with our filling machine and 710Captain capping machine and you can be on your way tofilling AND capping 6000 cartridges/ hour

I’m interested in the capper and trays

i am interested in everything

hey dude. if u are looking for fully auto machine, our tf-af machine would be a good choice. jst need to put vape carts in top barrel, following steps will be done by machine.
production capacity: 2000~3000pcs/hour

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