700L distillate a month contract

I am in way over my head, lets start with that. I have a small short-path set-up. i make decent product(around 80%) I recently gave a sample to someone who came at me a few days later to set up a large scale lab and run it.

Now my questions are these: for a 20L short path how long would a run take on it? is a 20L recommended or should i use multiple 10L? i understand i will need multiple machines regardless.

Best way to extract large quantities of crude Hexane maceration or Closed loop butane? Can you recommend me a machine?

General % range of #"s to expect from “Food Grade” (poor quality)Trim Vs. good “sugar leaf” trim.

Finally How much crude should i be expecting to make to get 700L of 80% THC. Any and all help is appreciated. Also if anyone is in the southern califorina Area with experience, i am certain i will need a few extra hands.

I do have numbers on this plan already I just wanted some other opinions.

First off, SPD is the wrong route to go. Go with a Chemtech KDT-6 or larger sized wiped film for your distillate production. Delta Seperations with the in-line lenticular filtration, and Tru-Steel Falling Film. Cleaning glass sucks and you can’t scale up to that level with a 20L short path.


Awesome Squid thank you! i was thinking wiped film as well but have no experience with it.

To have enough crude for 700L of distillate /mo Id go with Precision’s PX40, it will easily handle 200+ pounds of material a day.

Distillation time will largely depend on the quality of the system, vacuum depth, temp/vacuum sequencing and the quality of your starting material. It’s a safe bet that a 20L run (about 10l of crude) will take 8-10 hours. Summit Research claims that a 1st pass using their SPD-1 head and 2L system should take 1.5 hours max. It can be slower or faster depending on your SOP’s. In the past using a 5L summit set up with SPD-2 head I would finish a first pass in 6-8hrs. Currently I am in the 4-6hr range. My company is moving to a WFD system. You get much better throughput, lower temps, and much shorter residence time.


we are located here in southern California and have equipment in stock that can get you running in a few weeks along with training

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is there a store front or facility i would be able to come visit?

For that scale, definitely contact SciPhy Systems. (I’ve seen someone from there on here but I can’t remember their username to tag). I recently got a quote from them for a 2-stage distillation system that was seriously impressive, and well as price competitive (even with the KDT-6). They also have a number of solvent recovery options that they will tailor to your recovery rate and solvent needs. They are professional, intelligent, and attentive.


yes. you can come down and take a look. we have all scale size from lab small scale to larger bulk facility. we also have very fast turnaround time and can custom modify with in 2 weeks time, and also teach you how to run unit and run ethanol through there so you can get a feel for how it works. send us an e-mail.


I sent you a DM, also here are some base parameters. Assuming you are in California.

Assuming you are making your own crude, you are going to need to process around 400 pounds a day at a 10%ish yield to get enough crude. This can be done by hydrocarbon or ethanol each has its benefits and downfalls which you can research if you don’t understand.

You are going to need large reactionary vessels and a industrial laboratory filter press for winterization at that scale, redundancy is always great. ETH evaporation is the next bottleneck and as others have suggested a FFE is the way to go.

Being in Cali and having to meet the CAT2 pesticide regs is going to be a massive hurdle because input material that does test clean will test dirty once levels are concentrated. Therefore, you are going to need a good pesticide remediation SOP along with the Nutsche filtration or similar scaled equipment to preform the process. You can find some pretty good info on the forums here about that.

Last, you make it down to distillation. As others have said, wiped/rolled film is the way to go. With our CDU1000 (KDL5) we are seeing about 1L an hour throughput, so minimally, you would need 2 of those. I personally like the idea of redundancy on everything in a lab, so if one goes down, you are never out pf production. Of course you could go with a bigger distillation plant, but you loose the redundancy.

All in all I would say you are close to a million dollars in the equipment you need to get this process going.


Not even worth 1 mil either.

You have a method for making 700L of distillate for less than $1m?


@future nope.

@lexur5139 claim to have been huffing the stuff for years but don’t seem to know what distillate smells like.

guessing they math poorly or not at all.

assuming a mere $5k per litre and 700L a month
that’s $3.5mil wholesale a month.

certainly worth a $1000k upfront if you’ve got it lying around.


I would assume if distilled right it would have no smell. but being every young hipster is now a chemist, my question was prob more the odds of a professional and a regular joe on here who thinks hes a chemist if his shit still has any smell left.

also distillation has been a process that’s old (alcohol). early 2000s east coast many were doing it to chrony but the tools to ‘dab’ weren’t really out and edibles wasn’t ‘in’ either. as for the mil, if u seriously got contract for project like that keep me posted. nobody 15 yrs ago had any need for distillate. it sat around. same with all the other oils.

for sure if the project is legit pm me then

yep. check @drPaul’s circa 1979 rig

Is. Crude worth around 5k overthere ?:cry:

I have one

We can split contract? I have two wipe film’s I’ll be able to accommodate in 1.5 week.