70% CBD "isolate"

what kind of mental gymnastics do I need to do to understand how a company is telling my associate that the “isolate” they sent her is “isolate”

is this a thing?

isolated from the plant

Most likely cut which sadly is a thing. If it’s white powder but 70% there’s no question; unless it’s just regular distillate and someone is very out of the loop. Have seen/heard of baking soda and dextrose though used to cut, I cleaned the baking soda one. Both can be separated but why though. Also it’s likely poorly homogenized if truly cut and can have misleading test results.

The company told this person that “the industry actually prefers less concentrated isolate right now, its more of a preference thing, like the difference between brown sugar and table sugar”

holy fucking used car salesman batman.

Isolate is isolate. its an isolated compound. without other ones.


har har har

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Amazing !!! Cut cbd thats the bitch When margins get thin profits got to come one way or the other pffff

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