7% CBG and 0,00 THC seeds at only 0,1 USD each

They are field seeds from last year tests. Not feminized. Forget about HOT HEMP
Far better and more productive than kompolti, felina, fedora etc…

If interested please DM

171019_cannabinoides_HEMPAGRARIA_.pdf (15.2 KB) 101019_cannabinoides_VALHEMP.pdf (15.5 KB) 211119_cannabinoides_HEMPAGRARIA.pdf (15.5 KB)

Would love to ask you some questions but how your profile is set to private?

I don´t undesrastand what you mean. Please feel free to ask me anything.


Click on your name, go to ‘‘preferences’’, go to ‘‘notifications’’, There you will see ‘‘Messages’’ in the bottom, check the box where it say ‘‘Allow other users to send me private messages’’.

Your settings do not allow me to send you private messages right now.

That idspretty weir because that option was already selected

Odd. Contact a mod?

Try sending me a private message with your contact e-mail. Maybe I can reply then. If not, I’ll just use the e-mail addy.