Anyone able to produce, test for effects and scale? @eyeworm @Bret_HoneyGold @Roguelab

I’ve suspected that I catch a glimpse of this molecule or something similar as an intermediate when going from THC>CBN - the so-called dienes. My impression is these molecules aren’t particularly stable, it might not survive a distillation - but I’ve never isolated or characterized the compounds I’m talking about, so I could be totally mistaken.

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I haven’t read much and I’m definitely not smart enough to understand half of it, but maybe tri-hydrocannabinol or penta is fun? Would be great if we can find a solution before just sitting around waiting for legalization … HHC is over in Austria and soon all over EU. Willing to do some rnd? I guess it’s fine to say we figured the import part out. I’d just need 150kg as a start ;D

We’ve been making hydroxy HHC more recently, but I can’t say we’re scaled anywhere near 150kg. They’re metabolites of HHC.

Everything with HHC or THC (-o, -p) is forbidden, so im thinking of DHC, PHC. Whatever works.

It’s already on the market I think

We’ve tested PHC as H4-CBD and believe it stands for perhydro cannabidiol.


Thanks for responding. What’s your take on DHC? And Tri-HC? Attached a screen food for thoughts. Whoever wants to supply EU after hhc ban will need to change the H to a Di, Tri, Penta in a stable form and hope that it works or come up with smth new.