7.5 AI Vacuum Oven aaaand two .9 Yamato’s for 3k

  1. Located near Redding, Ca



2500 firrrrrrm

Bummmpppp 2k how does no one want this

Will you ship?

No sorry

1800 for all three need these gone ASAP

No one jumped on my sale back to 3k

You snooze you lose.

Is the market totally fucked I feel like a few months ago this would be gone by now wtffff

If you’d ship I’d be interested at $2k FOB :man_shrugging:

Dm me if you’ll ship to. Michigan I’ll buy

I got AI 3.2’s(labout 2.5 years Old) and

2x AI 5.0’s(less than a year old) that I’m down to ship,

They’re cleaned thoroughly. Freight isn’t cheap
Though… 300-400 when I priced it, but that was shipping like
8 at a time.
So might be more