6100 series polyscience chillers


I’m looking at the specs on these bad boys, they don’t go down very low, (-10c) but they pull enough power at 220v to hold over 1kw of cooling capacity at 0c. anyone have any experience first hand with these? I’m looking to run a 20L roto with it, but wondering if its possible to chill a heat exchanger on a cmep with it…?? thank you for any input!

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Ran a 6100 series on a 10L roto with a 1.6 cfm pump very well. Did need to change my cold trap every so often.
For a 20L, you may want something a bit more powerful. I see some sites recommending the 1.5 hp model (6800 series) for a 20L setup.

Overall, I’ve had good experiences with Polyscience due to their customer support.

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i use poly 6860t on 20 liter works very well

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I used a 6100 on a 5L and it had power to spare. On a 20L though you might want to get a larger unit.