6 hours on the spd

We been distilling for 6 hours on an AI 5L spd running an Edwards 30 and polyscience 7L. Mantle has been at 215c with consender at 78.
Is this normal to take this long?

You probably have a leak in the system. What’s your vapor temp

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Vapor in the head is 198c

Vacuum level? How many micron

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In the 50’s

Whats your head? Is this first or second pass? What was your starting material?

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First pass. Starting material is a 1440 grams of bho. Winterized and dewaxed in ethanol. Rotoed to recover ethanol

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Were you getting product? what was the head temp?

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Yes there was product. The head temp was 198.

yeah thats pretty typical as far as run time and head temp.

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I just picked up this head and it has cut my run times in half. You will want to call in and have someone put together a quote for you. You may need some various other pieces to make this work with your system.


If it makes you feel any better, my little 2L has been running since ~7am, and its 9:45pm. Been at 400 mtorr, 208 mantel temp, 180 vapor temp. Im happy with how the days been


Sounds like my day yesterday. Sheesh. Yeah I definitely think I was battling a leak. I turned 1440 of starting material into 915ml of distillate so I can’t be mad at having a day like that. Worth my time as a beginner


get a better head, AI glass sucks. Get one with a wide joint, the LS 4/550 head crushes. I can work through 4-5L in 10 hr shift including set up and break down


can you elaborate on your winterization and dewaxing? what temperature did you freeze at and how long? did you simply use filter paper to filter off the fats/waxes or did you also use some filter aids?

Yessir. I’m running the SummitSPD6 FC 10L full bore, 2 ed30’s, big boy Julabo for condenser, Huber for the laminar molecular drag. On a 5L run(50% of BF) my runs will take anywhere from 8-10 sometimes 12hrs if I’m using packing media and powders in my Bflask. “Distillate is like watching a very expensive snail cross the road!” After you get into your main body THC fraction… start filtering or rotovaping something. Once you get a good time cycle down for each run and can multitask… you’ll be in the money. :metal:t4::metal:t4::100:


How long have you been running that turbo pump? What kind of cold traps you got running?
been thinking about ditching the diffusion pump, but the ruggedness of the no moving parts design keeps me coming back.

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AI makes shitty glass. my guess is that the vigs on your still head are causing too much of constriction and limiting flow. LAb Society or Bust

I’ve been running the Ed30’s for about 8 months or so(with frequent oil changes/every few days of running) I’m running just a small adixen Alcatel 16cfm pump as my auxiliary pump during my initial fractions. I thought about getting the the diffusion pump… it just honestly didn’t seem worth it to drop 10k on the set up. I get down to 9-16 microns in vacuum depth with the Edwards. How much more do I really need(10k on the diffusion pump for another -5microns…Idunno) Cold traps… I have 2 of the new inverted cup design on the full bore set up… and love em. Keeps my pumps completely dry essentially. Just dry ice/iso no need for a huge chillier for that. Buying a chiller that would get -100 C(like dry ice/iso) would run you you 100k on a Huber. Just isn’t necessary either. I did add a swing arm on my second passes to be “clear” I was only getting main body fractions on my second pass. Works great no contamination as long as your condenser/mantle ratio is right with the laminar being as cold as my chiller will go(usually -25c on the laminar). Unless I get build up then I’ll slow it down to -5c and let some mass pass through the coil.

Are you running a turbomolecular pump or Is this some sort of condenser? For some reson my brain though turbo pump with molecular drag stage. We are useing diffusion pumps for our thc distillation, It works very well.