5th SPD run help, what would stops from fractioning cbd?

Hi every buddy!

First time post long time seeker. I’m fairly new to molecular distillation and I have procured a spot in the field. I have come to realize that after my 5 th run of cbd crude in my spd, on my main fraction at 225c and vac at 1200micron for an hour I wasn’t hardly pulling any cbd!. What could cause this? Iv has successfully runs prior so I know it’s not the tech. Vac and mantel temp always in order, but my vapor temp always fluctuate from 112c-187c

The only step the team I’m working with had changed is “they attempted to decarb in the rotovape, after I received my crude I slowly got it up in temp to prevent muffining and throttled my vac no muffining! Regardless, this has happen twice with this material and I’m stuck. Any advice or experience in this matter?

Thankyou you guys for helping me in my endeavors ~

Vacuum level suggests that you have a leak. I’m well below 1000 during main fraction.
My tips:

  1. Clean all glass on glass joints with Kemthech wipes and acetone before and after runs
  2. If you have gl fittings always clean and check the seals before and after use. When they start to have indents replace them.
  3. Replace all hoses often as imperatives will deposit in your lines killing vac. You should clean hoses between runs if not replacing them.
  4. Warm up your vac for at least 30min before running.
  5. Check and change vacuum oil at minimum every week (this depends on use, the more you use the more you change, some folks change daily)
  6. After each use purge your vac oil by running for 1-2hrs with gas ballast open
  7. Place dry ice in bowls under receiving flask on your cold trap
  8. During mainfraction swap remove cold trap reviewing flask with a cap, this can help reduce drag and improve vacuum stability
  9. Reduce hose lengths to the absolute possible minimum.
  10. Try using Teflon sleeves instead of grease
  11. Replace your thermoprobe adaptors with thermowells to emliminate this common source of leakage
  12. Test and variety your vacuums max vacuum level.

With vac of 1200micron
Unless your pump is not Capable If a deeper vac
You have a leak in system If that leak is in your vapor path is isomerizing your cbd to cbc Wich doesnt cristelize
Other than all of the above is. Your vac gauge good
I find 187C bp at that vac level low
I would expect a bp of cannabinoids at that vac level at around 220C in the head


Thankyou so much for your assistance, it was definitely my thermocoupler vapor port . Now I’m fractioning my oil.


Awesome man glad you located the issue!! :+1: