5L rotovape for sale

Have a 5 Liter USALab rotary evaporator with brand new ball for sale, DM me to talk price

Shoot me a price please

DM me. I paid 3600, used it less than 100 hours. Have brand new ball in box. Was hoping to get 2700

I can get a New 20L at that price soooo gonna have to pass.


Cool dude. You go right ahead, also drop us a link since you have the HOOK apparently. Also, thanks for DMing like i asked.

Whoops thought this was a DM, my bad.

2700 for what? Even my cheapo touch science was like 4000$?

What do you mean for what? Description in the post…:man_facepalming:

Once again like to point out this is why i wanted people to DM to discuss price, was to avoid dumb shit like that

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2L for sale 1k . Dm me

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I sold my re501 for more then that (not 2700) It was 1400 shipped to me. You got good quotes. Lab and extraction equipment doesnt really lose much value. Not sure where you got half of new price. Everthing ive sold ive made back majority of what i put into it. These are niche products. Not a tv.
No reason to be a dick anybody. Chillax yall


I think @Siosis was replying to @rowan saying what 20L is 2700 new but may be wrong

@Rowan I scored a motor lift 20L for 2900 from bvv during their sale at christmas that’s with an extended 3yr warranty


Really not trying to be a DICK but my quote was standard E-bay pricing and I just checked and I can buy a 501 for 1190.00 shipped today. 1/2 of new price is standard for Niche products.

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Same here was too good of a deal to pass up, got it during the harvest sale in October. Now just hoping they drop a dual condenser model with a sale like that again.

This invoice was also for 10gal of heptane and brought total just over 3k.


How much equipment have you sold? Ive sold ALOT and like i said i usually get back majority. 3/4 atleast. Ya i would get dreamers hitting me up saying what your saying. But when i would reply go get it from someone else theyd up their price. The fact is there is a small used market. You dont have a wide selection of used to choose from. Its either pay the price the seller asks or go pay full price. This is gear used for making money. That does NOT depreciate. Your trippin