5L rotovap parts

Ordered the re-501 rotovap off of Amazon.

Manual it came with says it’s a r501.

Received it but condenser came smashed.

Anyone have any of these condensers for sale

perhaps @Terry_Manager can assist?

Amazon should also have your back on that one no?

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I believe this one will work:

New to glass

The package is so bad.
Pls dm me and I will send you the picture of package of condenser and quote
Promise that you will be satisfied

Thank you for your attention and support

Do you have any idea where to get replacement rotating ball for the R501? I am having a hard time finding a replacement piece for this model. thanks

Really @Mikel800?

USALAB is cited as carrying RE-501 parts near the top of THIS thread…

Did it occur to you to try asking the all knowing one?!?