55 gal Denatured etoh with heptane for 550+ shipping, 200 proof for $2000

I have access to solvent at the following prices, available for shipping anywhere in the US

Denatured ethanol with 5% heptane, $550 for 55 gal drum
Isopropyl alcohol, $375 for 55 gal drum
200 proof ethanol tax paid, $2000 for 55 gal drum
Organic 190 proof $2480 for 60 gal drum
Denatured alcohol with 5% hexane $610 for 55 gal drum
Heptane at $700 for 55 gal drum
Hexane at $600 for 55 gal drum
99% n pentane hplc grade at $850for 55 gal drum
Methanol 99% acs grade at $425 for 55 gal drum

These prices DO NOT include shipping prices. Shipping is 2-3 days for west coast orders. 2-5 days for East coast orders.

DM me for invoice inquiries!

the devil is in the details. without great shipping deals/low costs the prices dont mean much. almost everyone is selling around these prices. its the shipping costs that make or break it.

The shipping costs are reasonable. A 55 gal drum from San Francisco to the Portland area ran about 150 for shipping. I haven’t seen a single distributor beat the pricing were offering with or without shipping. Sometimes, it’s just a good deal because of a good business model. Selling wholesale/manufacturer direct to retail allows for a lot cheaper of prices.

For example, we’ve seen the same grade pentane we’re selling going for 1400-2100 before shipping. Ours is about 1000 after shipping, of course depending on location. For what you say to be true, our shipping cost for a barrel of pentane would have to be $700-1400 and I can assure you, it’s nowhere close to that

Some people have good contacts for hazmat shipping, some don’t. Some people also think the cannabis industry doesn’t exist east of the Rocky mountains.

I’m curious to hear what your hazmat shipping quote is from San Fran to BFE Midwest or Florida and we’ll see if you really have the best prices in the industry (hint: they aren’t).

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I never claimed to have the best prices in the industry and I even mentioned that shipping rates are dependent to where it’s going. All I’m saying is the solvent is cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen as a base price and shipping hazmat is generally the same across the board so unless you can find a company in your region selling solvent at the same base price, I’d imagine our prices are very competitive, especially on the west coast where a majority of our business is located

We would like to see prices WITH estimated shipping to Miami, Florida and Boston, Mass. this should give us the true out the door cost. ive seen shipping costs vary as much as 200% reseller to reseller.