50x10ft C1D1 Pro Pod from Chem-Stor for sale $100k

I have a 50x10ft C1D1 Booth/Pro Pod from Chem-Stor for sale. It is located in Eastern Washington. It was made by Chem-Stor for Delta Separations. It can easily hold 2 cup 30s, a FFE-60 and a 50L rotovap with room to spare. It has an additional solvent storage room and chemical fire suppression to increase MAQ’s to 120gallons of ethanol in each room. There is a non-classified utility room that would hold all of the heater/chillers and pumps so that they do not also need to be explosion proof. Comes with Engineer peer reviewed documents for quick approval. DM for more information. It is already registered as a stand alone building in Montana with a building permit #.

Is this still for sale??

yes this is