50L and 100L Jacketed Reactors priced to move!!!

50L Reators: $5,999.99
100L Reactors $6,999.99

Based in and shipped from San Diego California. We have several of each size available at the moment and we are clearing inventory for some new products we have coming in. These are priced to move to please contact us for a quote or more information.
Phone: 844-405-4588

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Somewhat expensive, they’re cheaper on ebay or direct from china, including tax and S&H.

Also, your phone number is incorrect.

Good afternoon,

I’m terribly sorry, our rep that was in charge of monitoring this chain is no longer with us. I would be happy to help you, I’ve listed my direct number below and our correct office line. Please feel free to call me anytime.

As for the price, we tested a number of reactors from several suppliers to find one that was of good quality and a reasonable price to offer our customers. There are cheaper options out there but I can’t speak for their quality or the back end support once the units have arrived. We are based in San Diego and provide full support for our equipment and can stand behind the quality because we have tested them.

Mclain Meenderink
P: 775-338-8061
E: Mclain@scisolinc.com