50gl Hashhhh Makerrrrrr

Solvent-free Trichome Separator, 50 gallon Hash Maker in L.A…
Volume: 50 gallon
Processing capacity: 15kg
Rotation speed: 300-800r/min (can be higher)
Yield: 14%
Rated power: 2.2KW
Current: Single phase: 21A/Three phase: 16A
Power supply: 220V/single phase or three phases
Material: SS304

@vickylee How are you able to claim 14% yield with no knowledge of input material?….


@island.genetics Thanks for your question. This data is obtained from our customer who got the hash and run it with input material.

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So no real data to back up your “yield 14%” claim…… just the one guy that said so the one time?……

@island.genetics The best feedback comes from the customer, right? I believe in our quality, also believe in customer’s feedback and affirmation.

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I agree customer feedback is important and I am in no way questioning the quality of your product as I have not gotten that far yet. I am / was solely questioning the arbitrary 14% yield claim…… not trying to be a dick just kinda seems misleading.

I am loving these new suppliers lately. Different breed.
Thicker skin ewarriors have been obtained.


@island.genetics Yes, haha, take it easy my friend. I’m really glad that I can received your words because it means that most our customers like you are serious. It’s good for me and our equipment. We’d like to receive questions and solve them for customers.

@moveweight Thank you, hope we could set up a business cooperative relationship soon.