500ml boiling flask stir bar

Sorry for the simple question.

I just got my 500ml mantle from China today. It came with a little stir bar but from what I’ve read I shouldn’t necessarily trust this one.

What would be the proper sized stir bar for a little 500ml boiling flask?

Thanks for the help. Hopefully this mantle is a slight bit better than the 100 dollar special.

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you can get original from wunfanmachinery they always got top quality.

Found what I was looking for. I’ll leave this here in case any one finds it in their search.


you contact wunfanmachinery@gmail.com for top original quality.

might want to consider a rare earth spin bar depending on what temps you’ll be hitting. the cheap ones are fine but tend to lose their magnetic charge after repeated heating/cooling

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I’m just doing this for personals and to learn as a hobby. I ordered some of the Teflon ones from bel art yesterday. According to the information posted it seems it should cover distillate temperatures. I hope?

Are you speaking about the green ones or the glass ones?

Where did you order that mantle from? Looks just like the Across International ones, it would be awesome to get one from china directly!

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I was expecting 50 bucks. Thats almost as much as i paid for a 5L mantle. Crazy lol

A zncl?

I had a zncl and it burned out. Theres a thread on it. It was from lanpham.
That is actually the same price i paid for that one in 5L.
Next was the hfs one

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Jesus. Whomp.

Burned out on its first use lol

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I’m going to cross my fingers they had their shit together when they made this one.


Good luck hope so also!


it will definitely cover the temperature and work for your scale. but over time and repeated thermocycles the white ones lose their magnetism.

yeah i’m talking about the green one. never seen a. glass one before!