500kg conversion ready iso - $290/kg

500kg available in LA. MOQ 100kg. $290/kg. Dm me with an email address for a COA.

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Well you’re not a verified reseller and you can go make your own thread and get the fuck off mine. Idiot


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Competition is typically done through innovation that leverages technology for a measurable improvement - an increase in quality/purity, expediency in the process or new features that enhance the user experience. Typically this would leverage the scientific method for proposing and testing new ideas within a logical framework. The antonym of this would be a logical fallacy - ad hominem for example is “directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining” and I think your assertion of "
You appear to have the emotional intelligence of a middle schooler" is apt in this context.


Get off my thread loser. @Sidco_Cat @Future can we get any moderation here? Flags don’t seem to do anything

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@sidco is who you’re looking for


Your customers value will see value in your verification status. The guy without any certs, racing to the bottom is for other customers. That extra $15 is all it costs to buy from someone with a reputable business. I would consider that a definite point in your favor.


If you were looking for the moderator, but if you were looking for the MoM?

We got you covered there also!


Sidco is dedicated to customer service. :kissing_heart: We also have an L2 in law school, a nurse working on her doctorate and a heavy equipment operator/high school woodshop teacher. We aim to please.


Our CEO Alan Clever has grown 15+ million lbs since 2017. He is the largest producer of organic onions in the country. We built our own extarction facility after the price dropped out from underneath us so we don’t have to get ripped off by labs that don’t know what they are doing. Common theme in this industry.

We are cGMP and just completed the ATSM international cannabis audit. Working on our Iso9001 and API certifications. All hemp is grown on USDA organic soil.

Currently we produce around 3,500 kg’s of isolate a month. I do not rely on stealing sales on forums this is place where I thought we discussed pricing not who is allowed to comment on which thread.

So when I say I’m at $275. It means, “hey man, I have been finding a lot of luck at $275, so if you can’t sell it move it down. The market is at $275 regardless of what any of you say. I don’t determine the market price.
In 5 years we will still be here because this is our profession. We are not lawyers, school teachers or students. Farmers and extractors.
I will go through the process to get verification just for you guys!

Oh and we offer excellent customer service, better pricing too apparently! We also fully guarantee our product so if your not happy with it send it back and we will switch the product out or give you your money back.


Great make your own thread and get verified like everyone else. You’re not welcome on my thread. This is poor business


Here is a link to take you to the post regarding verification.

We ask all hemp product sellers to become verified to cut down on spam sales posts.

I don’t believe there is a rule against posting your own items for sale in another’s sale thread, but it is poor form. Can’t speak to your intent, but it does seem that you showed up out of the blue trying to lowball. A classier and more professional option would be to start your own for sale post in the classified section.