50 shot and silimilar cartridge filling gun question

I just picked up a cheap filling gun off Amazon for $200. Just got it today and am curious about the plastic reservoir. Very similar to the 50 shot gun. Do I have to worry about these making the oil cloudy from the reaction with terps? I usually fill with a glass syringe/metal plunger and never had any problems, it is just a little slow. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Plastic is not good get a @cart.farm shooter


Damn, that kinda sicks you will be adding plastic to your carts. I suggest you return that and buy a cart farmer unit, you custies will thank you.


Get a cart farmer

I’ve been trying to purchase one for over a month, if you didn’t know he is out of stock at the moment :disappointed_relieved:

In stock

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-End of thread

Not yet!

The heat pads from these units can be used to heat the cf50!


So you had a month to ask about alternatives, but waited until after you hit go on one before doing so?


Did you DM @cart.farm here?

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He did, its my bad lol


I don’t have much experience with heated syringes but when I did use one I did not like them (didn’t use cart farmers-which looks much better than the version I used). I use a heated pressure vessel with a Swagelok valve for filling cartridges. You can fit up to 1 liter in the vessel and it is temperature-controlled to keep the product free-flowing. It connects to a compressor to force the liquid out of the needle tip as you manually twist the valve.

It’s definitely multi-purpose. In addition to filling vape cartridges, I use it for filling lotions and balms that need to be hot to fill.

I really like the looks of the Cart Farmer 250. @cart.farm nice work on it!

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What does this mean

CartFarmer 50 purchased, I’m gonna use the heating element from the Amazon gun to heat the Cart farmer. Done deal. -End thread. Thanks to all! Especially cart.farm🙏


doesn’t work like that :wink:

hundreds of folks (perhaps thousands) will run into this in the six months…one or more of them will tack their question on at the end of the thread.

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