50 ml kugelrohr bulbs for spd

Another short archived video. I had google archive mode turned on it seems and keep finding clips and such I had made as lab notes really. The 50 ml bulbs are perfect really when qty are under and ounce. I wanted to explain what is seen and why.

As in any distillation multiple runs increase refinement. The advantage of the bulb system is when I removed the bulb that collected the terpene fraction I effectively removed the entire distillate path. I replace the bulb of just slide the boiling flask to pick up the next bulb in the train and cross contamination of fractions is close to zero this way. I think this style would work with very large vessels as well. Temperatures used in a horizontal mode are FAR lower owing than vertical seperation I have found. When flask temperatures are lower then the fractionating power of a vertical column becomes unnecessary.

This depends of course on certainty that this boiling chart is accurate and selecting the flask temperature to match this chart will produce distillate in the first bulb. Adjust flask temp 15C higher than chart boiling temp for your pressure and it flows pretty fast, accepting a bit less purity for speed.

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From what I can tell you’re basically running a Kug using a top/bottom mantle instead of an air bath, and stirrer instead of rotation.