50+ fluence vypr led lights

Item: fluence vypr led lights

Location: Oakland

Price: $500 obo

We have a little over 50 fluence vypr led grow lights available in Oakland California. Came from a grow that only used them for a year or so. In like new condition. $500 each obo


Did these come out of the DHS facility?

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department homeland security? they were growing illegals???


They did not


I was gonna buy one if they came included. I need help harvesting. I think if I have an illegal I get gov checks too.


Jesus Christ! That best mother fucking statement I think you have ever made in this forum


you need to smoke weed instead of concentrate and youll get my humor.


These r dope lights and pre OSRAM take over.

We set-up a green house with these exact lights and it was the most successful green house we set up :call_me_hand:

Actually had such a good experience with them I still rock thier merch on my car


when you set up a garden do you use a par meter?

What’s the wattage per light?

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Ill take 4.
Or 10 for 4k?

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Damn I would’ve bought some these for my gh. These are way better than the led bars i bought and planned to install for supp light during sept and oct.

difference between pre/post Osram?

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Lol happier employees pre take over but that’s probably it

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Do you still have these?

Are any of these still available

They are

Yeas they are