$5 Individual CBD Isolate grams

Title says it all.

We are selling individually grammed out CBD isolate for $5/g. No minimum.
Flavored or Unflavored.

Flavors include Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Tangerine… Sunset Sherbet, Maui Wowie, and Sour Diesel will be added to the site in the next couple days, as well.
3% flavor concentration. All flavors/terp belnds are from Denver Terpenes.

use this code to get this price: iso5

COA for the isolate: Scan_09212020140245.pdf (421.0 KB)


That’s a nice hustle!


Five dolla holla!!! Denver terpenes has great terps too that are definitely not the cheap seats. Sounds like a good deal! Keep ya hustle up!


@Rockymtn24 thanks fellas.

we all know how much wholesale CBD costs, it’s no secret that we are still making a good margin.
But for the retail consumers out there, $5/g is the lowest we have seen, so I think it’s still a good deal.
Especially for the terp infused grams.


Yeah we were offering completely free 500mg isolate jars for a while. Just for promotion lol, with free ya shipping

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Interesting. Did that end up yielding good returns for you guys??

Ive been upping my retail (small) size to 1 oz, i still offer single grams, but i think the real value for both the retailer and consumer is when they buy 1 oz. Ive got my cbd oz set at $33-42. Gives me plenty of margin and lets them buy a decent amount, realistically 1g would last like 2 or 3 days of doses.
I would try getting your minimum average order up to ozes, its alot easier to package :sweat_smile:
But good for you! Whats the single gram come out to after shipping?
Edit. 11.09 not bad :call_me_hand:


Dude. That’s an awesome idea honestly. Ounce jars for retail are probably super popular now that CBD has gotten so cheap.
Definitely gonna bring that up in our next meeting and I thank you in advance for the brownie points I am sure I will receive lol.


1 oz of cbd fits perfectly in the generic white 100cc pill bottles. Its like it was meant to be!
Good luck, ive had incredible luck with offering sales that start at 1oz to encourage customers to start just buying oz’s


whats your website bro?

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Retail ($5 grams) - www.adventurecbd.com (use code ISO5 at check out)
Wholesale/White Label - www.indulgewholesale.com

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