48 tray oven for sale

hi i have 48 tray oven for sale. 240 volt oven new cost 15000 i also have a nitrogen sweep from sumit reasearch that can be added to help speed up removing volitale gases off 8000. will also include a edwards 30 vacumme pump. 2000 i paid for it. my loss ur gain fully ready to go system with alll the bells and whistles of a

is it vacuum oven? What vacuum pump is used here? Can you provide more technical specs (also, is it 1ph or 3ph, what voltage)? Thank you in advance.

it has a vac gauge right on it and a vac and vent valve so im certain its rated for vacuum, size of pump for an oven is kind of irrelevant, you could get away with just about any pump.


any old vacuum pump works great but I have an Edwards 28. Iā€™m willing to sell with. It also has a nitrogen sweep from summit research that I would like to sell as well I also have a couple Edwards 28 pumps as well.

I bet I could muffin out this oven.


I also saw that gauge, thanks for confirmation.

I am interested but I am in Europe. What voltage is it?
Can you also send me a price for Edwards pumps?

[redacted] nvm, I zoomed in and answered my own question

Still available ?