4200 terp sale holiday Terpenes special

Aloha future tribe, I’ve had a few people ask me if I would do a holiday special on the Terps, so here y’all go 10 gallons available

$4200 a gallon!!! 10 gallons available starting now certified organic incredible Hulk Terpenes

The Incredible Hulk Terpenoid solution certified organic, water clear, remediated and cured for stability and longevity. An exquisite complex and unique addition to any Terp cannaoisseur‘s collection.
Due to its more delicate complex subtle notes the Hulk lends it self perfectly for blending with no strong overpowering notes it can be the perfect base or companion for just about any other terpene profile or Blend.
At the incredible price of $4200 a gallon for a true Cannabis hemp Derived Terpenoid solution take advantage love it now while it lasts

:christmas_tree: Happy tree worship and Merry shamanic fungus :mushroom: day
Blessings to you and all your relations :snowflake::sparkles::snowflake:


No longer available, but we do have fresh new elites dropping soon
$4200 a liter