40L CO2 Extraction Equipment+20L Rotovape

Selling our CO2 extraction equipment+ grinder, oven and Rotovape. You can process up to 300lbs daily. Text/call with any questions: 6465158057 Alex
Item: CO2 Extractor
Location:Aurora CO
Price: open for offers

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How does one process 500lb daily with a 40l CO2 extractor?

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Sorry, mistyped. 20lbs x 16 hours=320l

Your CO2 machine processes 20lb/hr?

Our cycle time is about 45min to an hour. We run the biomass thru the grinder. One vessel fits approx 20-24lbs of grinded material. You can stop by our facility in Aurora and check it out

Very curious to hear how you fully extract your material with CO2 in 45 minutes. What pressures does this machine operate at? Any links to manufacturer’s website?

For reference, our Eden Labs 20L takes 6 to 8 hours minimum to process through 10 pounds of material (ground and packed this is about how much we can fit in our 20L vessel).


@midsfactory I’m not seeing value on this one. Ama hold on to those Ramen cases.


This is modified Chinese equipment. Pump is up to 7000psi. You are more then welcome to stop by and take a look at it.

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Could the co2 machine be converted to a r744 chiller to support a hydrocarbon extractor?

You betcha