4000 acre farm with 1000 flat cleared acres available


Hi guys,

I have access to 1000 cleared acres in Klamath Falls area, Oregon. The farm was used for hay/wheat, has power and massive water resorvoir. The weather there is perfect, no rain until October. Soil is typical of the area, mostly all hay farms.

I’m looking to see if there are any investors interested in scoping out the property and funding a hemp project. I have people very experienced in hemp growing that could manage/consult.

Will be happy to answer any and all questions. Thanks.


4582265774 I’m in Klamath rn


id be interested in learning more about this


I have investors in my network who are looking for opportunities to invest in hemp. I’d like discuss this with you.

Do you own the land? Or is it a lease or some other kind of agreement?

Do you have anything put together already in terms of a business plan and/or pitch deck?

What is your personal role in the operation? What are the team members’ roles you have in place already?

Have you thought about what kind of offering you’d like to make in terms of equity? And for what amount of capital?

With that much land, with water rights, it should be easy to secure two to three million dollars from investors as long as everything checks out. Whether or not you own the land makes a difference.

Have you worked with investors before? Do you or anyone else on your team have experience growing at this scale? Do you have any financial information showing previous success with growing hemp that you’d be willing to share with investors?

I apologize if this is overload, these are just some basic questions I’d ask before taking anything to an investor. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to discuss more. lifeawakehemp@gmail.com