4"x7" Lowtemp Press V2 Rosin Press Bundle FOR SALE

Item Model/Manufacturer: LowTemp
Description: 4"x7" Lowtemp Press V2 Rosin Press
Price/MSRP: $2,200 | $3,000+ value
Current location of item: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Estimated lead time: 0 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller. Pickup best!

Still available?

It is indeed

Let me know where would be a good point of contact boss I’m trying to figure out how to send DMs on here now

Hey how much has it been used? Can you ship it to Oregon?

Hey, I used it myself 6 times… as in 6 single squishes.

As new as new gets. Happy to ship if you consider the costs!

Feel free to text me with any questions:


Text me - 619.361.3744

Hey thanks for the response, I passed your number along to David, he should be texting you.

Yo do you still the rosin press available

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Yes, shoot me a text. Open to partial trade of some bomb rosin lol

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