300 liter co2 machine


How many people work on this machine ?

no reason that one person couldnt do operate it alone but the buddy system is always a good idea for a lab

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Forklift to pull the baskets out of the columns ?

Looks like theres a overhead crane. :sunglasses:

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Oh, just saw that! That’s some serious co2!


Yes, an unduly jerking winch system

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only $300k? Wow. Vitalis wants almost that much for their 45liter machine.

If it says $300k in the ad like that. Most likely its probably much cheaper and likely half of that, but geez i wouldnt even know were to start with shipping something like that from china and i ship a metric ton out of china weekly. Thats not fitting in one shipping container.

Its also very possible to get a representative of the company to fly to the US for that price as well and get help with set up. I know one of my suppliers is coming to the US this summer to visit all of their big customers.

WOW! thanks for sharing this.


ur exactly right on all points, shipping is crazy expensive and needs custom arrangements and i set this machine up with a chinese engineer and translator from the company who makes it. I also set up 5 -40 freezers, 4 huge buchner funnels and vacuum filtration equipment, 2 60 liter rotovaps, and 1 wiped thin film distillation setup with another of them on the way. dont know any real numbers or cost but the guy said he spent over two million but that prob includes the other equipment and shipping.


HSFE-300 Brand New 300 liter CO2 unit for sale. I just got it through customs. Still in Conex. I purchased this unit 3 months ago, it arrived last week in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I learned that fire codes required a setback that makes this unit unworkable in my space. Let me know if you or someone you know is looking for a large, proven, CO2 monster. It is already on US soil and through customs. The purchaser could have it on their doorstep in 2 days. john@calyxargroup.com.

Thank you!


Is that a better industry machine? I’ve been to their factory in china

Have you been to our factory?

This machine is not produced by us.

This is the equipment we produce

The actual ex-factory price is 190K

It can’t be 300K

Yes, nanmo town?

The 300 Liter CO2 Extraction unit is produced by Jiangsu-High Tech Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.

This is produced by Jiangsu High Tech Pharmaceutical Equipment Co. Ltd.

If interested, please contact me at john@calyxarcbd.com