30 kilos of quality cbd isolate available.

There are currently 30 Available kilos of top tier, Colorado grown and processed CBD isolate.
(99.9+ %)
All available products are extracted under the highest standard of quality control. Each kilo is individually tested with its own COA and traceable from farm to sale. Consistency and cleanliness are paramount through the entire extraction process. We are looking to build relationships with both wholesalers and retailers. Please message us for COA’s or with any questions or inquiries you may have.
Thank you,
Horsetooth_Hemp llc
IG: @glassmonger_hemp

1-5 kg $3900.00
6-10kg $3500.00
10+ Kg $3300.00


New inventory is in. Kilograms starting at 3900 and will decrease with bulk.

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More inventory on deck!