3-in-1 Multi-Use Dab Tool

Trinity is a versatile electric tool for dabbers, which can be used as
A dab tool for cutting loading concentrate
A heater for smoking dry herb
A vape battery for 510 cartridges.



How is the air path? Is it insulated from the electronics?


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Upon our tested and customer tested. It is safe, don’t worry it

i not too understand. Boss

What I what to know is if the path of the airflow is protected from the electronics so hot vapor isn’t passing over wiring and batteries, because that doesn’t sound very safe

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Can I get a sample?

We received retail-ready samples of the 3-in-1 Releafy Dab Tool. It’s a nice little piece of kit for select uses.

We tested it with a bunch of my trimmers and a variety of extracts over a few day period. (And yes, our trimming tables are disgusting, despite being cleaned every day)


It makes handling extracts easier. In particular, the little shovel. It can pre-heat your dab to go into your rig with minimal cleanup with glop mops. The unit is sharp and compact and the tools are convenient.

The 510 thread batteries fired different brand ceramic coil carties no problem at different temps with absolutely no issues.


It can pre-heat for low-temp dabs, rosin etc with no residual residue. You get great terps and it won’t scorch your extract. It might be able to cut/melt shatter, but I don’t think it was hot enough to completely evaporate shatter type extract. I didn’t have an IR thermometer handy with the few sessions we have sat down with it so far.

You can use a straw or a bottle to do bottle tokes if you have baby bird lungs like me kind of like a nectar collector. The ceramic flower attachment leaves residue with flower that typically burns with white clean ash. Even though it is convenient 510 thread, I am kind of afraid to dunk the ceramic element in etoh or Randy’s because it


I charged the units overnight. I only got a couple sessions before it needed to be recharged. I don’t know if the coils weren’t firing properly on the included shovel and ceramic attachments, but I don’t think they were getting to proper temp.


Do they have a use “on the go”? Are they sharp little travel units? Absolutely. They have a great use case. I’m not exactly sure they are right for us.

We are very grateful for the no-charge evaluation units and I hope Releafy/Trinity brand sells a bunch with the right customers.



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