3 Agilent HPLCs FOR SALE

Item Model/Manufacturer: Model G4290B Agilent 1220 Infinity II HPLC W/O DAD & Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC With Diode Array Detector WR
Description: I have two New 1220 Infinity II HPLC Model G4290B (w/o D.A.D) 28k One 1220 is New in the factory box and the other is new without the box 27k, I also have one slightly used Infinity II 1260 HPLC Quaternary pump and D.A.D WR. This comes with A Vialsampler (G7129A), Quaternary pump (G7115A), Diode Array Detector WR (G7111B), This 1260 HPLC is missing the G1103-60001 Tungsten lamp ($200). We can order the bulb and send it to you after the sale or contingent on the bulb replacement 45k. None of the HPLCs listed comes with monitors or computers. I have many pictures. Software included and installed by Agilent. (One 1220 HPLC is pending)
Price: $ 26k-$45k
Current location of item: Michigan
Estimated lead time: Days 0-14
Fulfillment: Direct from seller: Ships the day of sale if before 3pm Eastern Time
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