2ml/3ml preheat disposable vape pen

  1. Anti-clogging dual-airway system OR preheat button;

  2. Easiest 1-second-capping system;

  3. Customizable shape&size of oil-window, customizable light


4.φ4.5mm innovative ceramic coil (bigger cloud, smoother

oil-flows, fewest spitting);

5.2ml 3ml available, optionally heavy metal free;

  1. Type C recharging bottom;

Other features:

  1. Draw-activated;

  2. Simplized outlook, easy to carry;

  3. PCTG pod material;

  4. Customizable color, customizable image.

with preheat bottom or not depends on you. Welcome to customize (clear window shape/light color/stick color/logo print/silicone cap color,etc.)

Prenatal sample here.
Mass production samples coming soon.

Very exciting! How many months along is it? One day they’re 1ml & next thing you know they’re 2ml/3ml- they grow up so fast!


I need a vape holster like this except a thin blue line through the skull with ‘NEVER FORGET’ next to a picture of Gerald Garcia. The sales would be massive.

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Sorry, we are vape devices factory, can do make paper box, Mylar bags and jars, but can’t help with this kind of cloth bag.

Yes, grow up fast :slightly_smiling_face: