2L lab society shortpath turn key system Taking offers

Full turn key set up 2L lab society short path with a CRV4 and pump filter. Will need a new temperature probe. Only been used twice, purchased 3 months ago and we never used it as it was to small.

Paid 12k for the whole kit new taking offers.

all things included:

G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (2L) - $6,995.00
Economy Recirculating Heater Kit (3/8 in.) - $320.00
Welch CRVpro Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (Pro 4, 115/230V) - $2,500.00
Exhaust Filter (Welch) (CRV KF16 (NW)) - $433.10

Dewar Style Vacuum Trap Kit - Complete - $446.25

Auxiliary Condenser Kit (Dewar Condenser) - $805.50

Taking offers.
Message me for further info.