$250,000 finders fee Michigan & California dispensaries for sale

I am a consultant to her and direct to one of the largest cannabis realtors in the country. Right now the hot spot is Michigan after just passing proposition 1 on election day. There is an application to go through to obtain a license for a dispensary, whether in state or out of state. She is exclusive with off market deals and currently will be having a dispensary in a package of (3) going for sale. One of the Michigan ones makes $1,000,000 per month, another $200,000 and the 3rd is brand new and hasn’t opened up shop. You need to go through a license application which costs $6,000 with the state of Michigan and background check. Once you complete those LARA will yay or nay approval of license

As for California, its a bit smoother than Michigan since they legalized years ago. Not as much of a process, but still some paperwork to fill out. There is a dispensary I am direct with the broker that grosses $3.5 million per year and its selling for $16,000,000. Finders Fee of $250,000 for anyone who brings the buyer. A POF and LOI are required. If one wants to setup a visit to see the dispensary that can be arranged. Otherwise, if someone hungry enough without seeing than 10% in escrow is required and an LOI signed.

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Hi there, leave me your email and we can talk. Thanks

I just read something on CL in detroit about a M2 zoned building on 10 mile and schoenherr in warren.

Type in mmmp in search bar.

It’s really not as simple as paying the $6,000 application fee and getting a yay or nay from Lara. There are municipality fees that need to be paid as well.


Dude, I have been thru and its a long process, You don’t need to tell me. I am exclusive with a network of sellers and we I have already been thru it multiple of times. I am not going to go on a diatribe of all the process involved. I dont think this forum gives a flying fudge about it for the most part.Yes, of course there is a whole packet that is involved in the process,. I decided to spare the boredom for the 1% of the crowd looking for a dispensary in Michigan. Most on here are looking for isolate, biomass, and all those goodies

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