22L SPD kit

Let’s see what this baby can do.


How much did this setup end up costing you

Roughly 46k for all of it

Holy guacamole. What was so expensive?

Also can I ask why you decided to go with a 22L?


Great quality glass and the other proper equipment isn’t cheap

I see that your not doing the hot condenser technique would have thought you would have

I actually am doing the hot condenser tech

Dont you need a third cold trap which ends up being a condenser before the two cold traps?

These are the summit models that spontaneously blow up right?

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The pumps probably.

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Badass setup man, i recommend a swing arm for the ease of not breaking vacuum between your terp and main fraction. Easy relatively cheap upgrade, you’ll thank me later. Cheers!

SMH, should of bought a wiped film :frowning:


Wasn’t told I needed one.

We will eventually. I just don’t have the 150k capital at the moment.

A little 2 inch pope would give you alot higher rate of production than that 22L, better quality oil, less man power of assembly/disassembly and it does not cost $150K

I am sorry you were duped by the false adverting of short paths in the industry but it not meant for production scale distillation of cannabinoids, anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you a short path.


How much could you get a2" Pope for?

Yeah I’m not on that scale yet. Only running 10L day

27k for a used one

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cheaper than 100g forsure but idk I do not work for them and do not make money on them like that blunko from summit or future does with lab society


I ran a Pope 4 years ago and didn’t like it at all. Good luck #popehater

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