210 Gallon Bubba's Barrels stainless drums w/1.5" TC fittings

For Sale 4x 210 gallon Bubba’s Barrels brand stainless steel drums, these are the same base drum as this link: New 210 Gallon Seamless Open-Head Drum with Food Grade Finish | Bubba's Barrels with lid, gasket and bolt ring for securing it. These also have 1.5" TC fittings welded near the bottom of the drum and either 1.5" TC or 1/2" FPT with a hose barb threaded in on the top for a vent. At least one also has a 1.5" TC port welded at approximately the middle point of the tank that we used for a sight glass.

These are approx 30" diameter and 70" tall

These were used for storing our bulk ethanol and worked great for that but we’ve outgrown them and trying to sell some equipment off before we have to move everything to the new facility we’re building out. New these are $1825/ea plus freight without any ports welded in, I’m asking $1800 ea, can be picked up in Strasburg CO or I can deliver along the front range for some gas money. I can also strap to a pallet and ship LTL, from a business with a loading dock zip code 80136.

Bump. $1750/ea

Bump. $1675 OBO

bump. $1600 obo

Now have 6 total available as we changed our process and are no longer using the other 2. $1400/ea OBO.

Hi im interested in a barrel

Please email me @ hendrixonb@yahoo.com

Just sent one your way, thanks

2 sold, rest are still available. $1350/OBO

Bump. 4 left @ $1300/ea OBO

Bump. 3 left @ 1250/ea

Bump. 2 left @ $1250 ea OBO

Bump. 2 left at $1200 ea

Interested, can you email me at miguel.arciniega@gmail.com

Email sent

Down to the last one left. $1150 OBO

Bump bump bump

Can’t edit OP so all of them have been sold, thanks guys!