2021i question

I just purchased a 2021i vacuum pump and have a question about it. There is a vertical and horizontal input that are both open currently on my pump. Do I need to cap one off before I connect the other to my system?

A picture would be helpful.

Is it like this?

Mine has this side port blanked off on the input and exhaust I never tried to switch it tho

I’m not able to get to the pump to take a picture at the moment. Yes it is exactly like that minus the wide nose flat head plug on the lateral port.

I used a plug to block off the lateral port and tried pumping as low as possible but a smoke began coming out of the exhaust when it got below 2,000 micron or so.

That disc is for if tou want ro connect 2 together it serves the same purpas the one on top

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Tou can also make it so you control the ballast, if yours has a grey wire that runs up the left side rake the screw out of the black thing. When it’s off te ballast is closed tou can just manually put it on and take ir off

Thanks for the help

Hijacking the thread since it’s also a 2021i question and I don’t need to start a new thread.

Soooooooo… the day has finally come when I now can’t see through either of my two pumps sight glasses. I’ve not got replacement ones because both pumps have stripped and frozen bolts on both pumps and since they work fine and I’m paranoid of fucking something up NY trying to remove the bolts.

I just have a simple favour from you other 2021i owners. Can someone just take a measurement of how much oil it is up to the full line, then I can easily flush and fill the pumps without worrying. The manual says 1l, but for some reason I just want this confirmed.

Thanks in advance

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Spoon of the day. Someone should invent this website thats like a motor for finding information on the web… oh wait

Lol. Much appreciated. The end of my post though is.

“The manual says 1l, but for some reason I just want this confirmed.” So you posted exactly what I wrote I had read.

I’ll just trust that and go by that measure.

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If i recall its basically a L. I emptied mine into a flask before


Sweet. That’s exactly what I wanted to have confirmed. Thank you for doing so. Much obliged. :pray:

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Thank you for share it. I have same problems.