2019 Hand Trimmed Hemp Flower Sale - Oregon Grown - Oregon CBD Genetics

We currently have some of our hemp flower leftover from our 2019 season. All of our flower has been stored in a climate-controlled facility and we just recently got updated COA’s. We also have 8000lbs of bio and 8600lbs of unbucked flower.

Sour Space Candy - 200lbs - 17.75% CBD
Lifter - 80lbs - 17.49%
Frosted Lime Unbucked - 8600lbs - 14.09% CBD
Biomass - 8000lbs - 6.18% CBD

Pictures Taken 11/15/20

Please DM or email sales1@theemeraldtrianglecbd.com for pricing & info.

FL Unbucked.pdf (146.3 KB) Bio Uncovered - 6% CBD.pdf (185.3 KB) FL Unbucked.pdf (146.3 KB) Lifter.pdf (139.0 KB) SSC.pdf (180.8 KB)

Hey @moveweight, weren’t you just asking about something like this?


:sweat_smile: I got like 10-15dms and tried to get everyone a reply to my partner handling. He was grateful is all I know